About Tia


Tia Walbridge is a farmer and small businesswoman, a mom to two fantastic daughters, Evey and Mirabel, and a wife to Nate, a disabled veteran who now serves his country at the Department of Defense. 

She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, and went on to a career caring for animals at rescue centers, animal hospitals, and farms. Now, as a troop leader for her daughters’ Girl Scout troops, a service unit organizer, and an activist, Tia is engaged in this community and wants to bring the values and the voice of the 33rd district to Richmond.


Virginia Values

After visiting Loudoun County more than fifteen years ago, Tia knew she wanted her kids to grow up here. Since then, her family moved to Purcellville, saved up like so many young families, and finally bought an old vegetable farm in Round Hill and converted it into a successful sheep farm. Along with her flock, Tia keeps chickens, a Shire horse, an angora rabbit, and her goat, Scooter. Tia teaches her girls about responsibility out on the farm, educating them about taking care of their animals and the value of working with their hands. That farm isn’t just a place to call home, but also embodies the things that make the 33rd district a great place to live and thrive.


What We’re Fighting For

In this tough political climate, Tia continues to find hope in her local community. She knows from experience that the families, small businesses, and farms here all work to lift each other up. Our community understands the value of living in a region that has both a growing economy and a rural tradition at its heart.

Tia is running for 33rd district delegate to be an advocate in Richmond. She will stand up for the rural small businesses that are the culture of this Blue Ridge region. Farms like hers, restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and all of the small businesses honor the tradition of agriculture here and make this a wonderful region to call home. She will also fight for strong public schools, so all of our children have access to an education that best fits their needs and abilities.