Creating Jobs & Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own future if they work hard for it, but for too long, our economy has worked for only those at the top, leaving many hard-working Virginians behind. We need a delegate in Richmond who fights for an expanding and inclusive economy that rewards hard work and ingenuity. As a delegate, one of my top priorities will be creating jobs and retaining the ones we already have. I will work to ensure that we invest in job training programs, raise the minimum wage, and support new ideas to provide opportunity to all Virginians. 

As a small business owner myself, I understand that thriving small businesses are vital to a strong economy. Our district is full of rural entrepreneurs, who have the passion and determination to set out on their own -- they have built breweries, wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, and local farms. We also have many with the financial imperative of maintaining a two income household, which can be difficult this far out in the country. We need to encourage these small businesses to grow in our towns so they can provide both employment and locally sourced products. While they work so hard to start their own businesses from scratch, the small business development centers that once provided support have moved farther away and cut back on their resources due to lack of support in Richmond. What’s still there is often unknown. We need a delegate who understands we have to invest in these resources and ensure they are accessible to all. 


Guaranteeing Quality and Affordable Healthcare for All

Every Virginian should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. My family knows what health insurance bills can look like. My husband has beaten cancer three times and we were fortunate enough that he had coverage through the VA and private insurance. Without that coverage, his life-saving treatments would have bankrupted our family. We were blessed, but we know that thousands of families in Virginia do not have the peace of mind to know that if they get sick, they can afford to get better. Every person should have access to quality, affordable healthcare, which is why we must expand Medicaid for those 400,000 Virginians who need it, fight the opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities across the Commonwealth, and work to improve the care we have instead of dismantling it. You can count on me to support affordable and accessible healthcare for all. 


Protecting our Environment & Investing in Renewable Energy

We need to protect and preserve the environment that is so crucial to our life here. As a farmer, I know that my livelihood is dependent on the quality of our fields, water, and air. In order to keep the beautiful and plentiful land that is at the heart of this community, we need a delegate who understands the realities of protecting our natural resources, our beautiful and valuable open space, and our historic sites. The infrastructre here - the sewer and water systems, our schools, and our roads - cannot support aggressive and thoughtless development. As a delegate, I will advocate for smart and sustainable growth that respects our rural and small town heritage. We cannot allow others to simply pave over what makes this district an amazing place to call home. 

We must also grow our solar energy sector and invest in other renewable resources, especially in our rural district. Not only will this help our farmers generate revenue, it will also reduce their impact on the environment. We need a delegate in Richmond who will help our state lead the way in safe and renewable energy solutions and ensure a healthy future for all Virginians. As a delegate, I will fight against the construction of pipelines that will only harm our environment. Let's protect the beautiful Virginia we know and love so we can pass on a clean and strong Commonwealth to our children. 


Strengthening Public Education

As a mom to two girls in public school right here in our district, I understand what it means for so many families in the 33rd to depend on public education to prepare our children for the future. And yet, we have seen budget cuts, time and again, hit our schools first. We need a delegate who will support crucial programs like full-day kindergarten and elementary school second language, and who understands the importance of hiring and training enough teachers, counselors, and nurses to support all of our students, regardless of their needs or abilities. Every child in Virginia should have access to a world-class public education. This should be common sense, and yet, politicians in Richmond like Dave LaRock spend their time trying to divert funds out of our public schools. Our kids deserve better than that.